Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Crufters going crazy!

A facebook friend drew my attention to yet another Crufts dog show outrage this morning;
that of an owner lifting a Scottie dog up by its neck and tail - possibly not a comfortable way to be repositioned!
A poem very quickly formed in my bemused mind and here it is, along with an appropriate image from my canine portfolio. Apologies to Robert burns!

The Scottie handler's caution.

Hoo to handle a Scottie
(Ye ruffians please tak heed)
Doon’t hoist im up by the bottie,
Doon’t hang im high bi th’ lead!

Doon’t fret that yon doogie might tangle,
He’ll tamp back doon ye will see.
Doon’t bi th’ throat let ‘im dangle,
Let Scotties gae wild an’ free!