Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"BILLY WON'T PASS THE PARCEL" Kindle first edition 28th February!

I've been writing funny poems for years but this is my first published collection entitled "Billy won't pass the parcel". It consists of 40 original poems (all designed to make you giggle a bit) and each one has a full colour illustration to go with it. You can order the complete book  from Amazon Kindle.
Here is the image featured on the cover and a couple of verses from the poem;

From:"Billy won't pass the parcel"

When I have a party
I ask the boy next door;
His name is Billy Jackson,
He says he’s three feet four.

He doesn’t eat much party food,
He says he just likes fruit,
He doesn’t wear what children do,
He always wears a suit.

I love writing poetry but its a lot of fun illustrating it too. I can give you even more information that way and you can see just what I was thinking! I usually write the poem first and then do the picture otherwise I wouldn't know what to draw! I'd probably go scribbling around randomly and just become confused! I often am confused anyway so writing poetry calms me down and helps me think should try it, it might help you too!


  1. Looking Good Mark! Can't wait for the book to go live on the 28th. I've already preordered. Hope you get lots of hits on here.

  2. Can't get the subscribe to: link to work though!