Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Mrs Flossy Cotton Bottom

I'm rapidly approaching launch time for my new paperback 'Mark Bardsley's Crazy Animal Poems'
so here is a taster. This one is a bit Beatrix but a bit Bardsley as well (the bit that's Bardsley is usually the nutty bit, but you probably already know that!)

The new book will be a soft-back in full colour containing 55 illustrated poems and some secret  writing pages for budding poets at the back.


Mrs Flossy Cotton Bottom
Asked me round for tea
But dandelions and thistle down
Are not the food for me.

‘Oh do partake of toadstool pie
And have some teasel tart.’
Dear Mrs Flossy Cotton Bottom
I must now depart.

‘But blue bell batch and cicely greens
You surely can’t refuse?’
Oh Mrs Flossy Cotton
I would rather eat my shoes!

My colon cannot cope with food
That rabbits can digest.
So Mrs Flossy Cotton Bottom,
                     Fare thee well, ‘tis best.

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